Arma 3 Mission List (15-10-2019)

Status: 100% = 100% 90% = 90% - Ready but not tested / played yet. 10% = Under development.

Mission Description Map Small Medium Large Status Times Played Last Played
Defend Arette 1. Defend the beach, 2. Defend Arette Malden     x 100%    
Defend Last Stand Defend Kavala City Altis   x   100%    
Defend Malden Airfield Defend Mission Malden   x   100%    
Defend Molos Airfield Defend Mission Altis   x   100%    
Defend Selakano Defend with vehicles. Altis     x 100%    
Defend Tanoa Airfield Defend Mission Tanoa   x   100%    
Defend The Bridge Defend Mission Tanoa   x   100%    
Operation Black Kettle CZDK are inserted as a Quick Reaction Force.
(Helo mission)
Tanoa     x 100% 4 30-03-2020
Operation Blue Find and take out 2 x enemy atillery. Tanoa   x   100% 1 22-08-2019
Operation Cahokia Wait for a meeting, take out 2 officers Tanoa x     100% 2 15-07-2019
Operation Cambrai Find and take out 2 hidden artillery Tanoa x     100%    
Operation Charlie Take out enemy checkpoint Tanoa   x   100% 1 19-09-2019
Operation Cherokee Free 5 Blufor prisoners Tanoa   x   100% 1 15-10-2019
Operation Dakota Ambush enemy vehicle convoy Tanoa   x   100%    
Operation Eagle Claw Destroy enemy vehicle depot Tanoa   x   100% 2 04-02-2020
Operation Escobar Take out drug depot Tanoa x     100% 2 05-04-2020
Operation Guardian Prevent Carpet Bombing, take out fighters / airfield Altis   x   10%    
Operation Haddock Clear 2 island of enemy forces. (Naval mission) Tanoa     x 10%
Operation Houdini v1 Escape from Opfor prison camp Altis     x 100% 1 28-09-2019
Operation Houdini v3 Escape from Opfor prison camp Tanoa x 5%
Operation Hurricane Disarm 2 x bombs in city Tanoa x 100% 2 28-03-2020
Operation Iowa Take out enemy SAM site Tanoa x 100% 1 03-05-2019
Operation Iroquois Clear enemy airfield Altis x 100%
Operation Katie Blufor heli crew taken prisoners Tanoa x 100%
Operation Lakota Clear enemy checkpoint Tanoa x 100%
Operation Leo Sim Take out enemy convoy
(Be there on time)
Tanoa x 5%
Operation Lone Horn Take out two mobile radars, start from Base 2 Linovia x 90% 1 07-11-2019
Operation Lusitania Take out enemy Outpost, use it to destroy enemy convoy. Altis x 10%
Operation Lux Take out 2 solar towers. (2 teams) Altis x 90%
Operation Narcos Find and kill Mr. Escobar (3 random positions) Tanoa x 100% 3 13-09-2019
Operation Oosterbeek Capture Helicopter, Take out AAA units, Free the Press
(2 Teams)
Tanoa x 100% 1 28-09-2019
Operation Orange Take out 2 enemy Stealth Fighters Malden x 100% 1 22-02-2020
Operation Overlord Paratroopers supporting an allied beach landing
(2 Teams)
Altis x 2% 1 25-01-2020
Operation Pegasus Clear the valley, take out 4 AAA units. Tanoa x 100% 2 02-04-2020
Operation Pluto Clear the road Tanoa x 100%
Operation Red Cloud Get across the river, take out enemy mortars Linovia x 100% 2 22-11-2019
Operation Red Dawn Locate and kill officers Tanoa x 100% 1 02-05-2019
Operation Red October Locate and take out Mr. Slobodan (Stealth) Tanoa x 90%
Operation Sambre Take out 2 enemy artillery Tanoa x 100%
Operation Sea Lion Take out enemy Gun Boats Tanoa x 90%
Operation Somme Take out 3 AA units Tanoa x 100%
Operation Spotted Elk Take out enemy hidden MRLS unit Malden x 10%
Operation Titan v1 Punch through enemy lines. (Vehicle) Malden x 100%
Operation Titan v2 Punch through enemy lines. (Vehicle) (LAN) Malden x 100%
Operation_Venus Sneak through enemy checkpoints, take out SAM site. x 10%
Operation_Verdun Take out enemy convoy crossing a bridge Tanoa x 100%
Operation_Ypres Clear the road for medical truck. Tanoa x 100% 1 28-09-2019